The Cosmic Philosophy of Bi-Ma Andén

The Cosmic Philosophy of Bi-Ma Andén


Can we be anything but Cosmic Beings?

We live in a society where we look at everything as being outside us. But who are we and in which context are we?

Can we be other than part of all that we see; are we actually not just within it, together with everyone else and everything else that also is within it! What is our true relationship to all and everything we are a part of by living on Earth in the Cosmic Universe? Taking these reflections into sincere consideration in education, politics, enterprising and in day-to-day life… constantly… would most likely mould our lives as humanity very different than toady’s living. To the extent that such conscious reflections are not awake, we are sleeping. They have to awake if we want a conscious reflecting and creative humankind.

Humankind is we human beings; souls, spirits or just Divinity incarnated in human bodies on Earth within the Cosmic Universe; Cosmic Beings! The potential is always there to expand ones consciousness, experiencing the awe of life and re-enchant the world!


Can we be anything but Cosmic Beings (short version)