Cosmoholism is my way of describing, living, expanding and sharing a Cosmic Conscious life approach.

Cosmoholism embraces a complete and inclusive life approach; spiritual, philosophical as well as practical. It promotes the conscious and creative life that out of the very nature of Cosmos is a dormant potential within every human being,  to be fully awakened and activated…

By our very existence, we human beings cannot leave or deny the Cosmos in which we all by the very nature of Cosmos itself are wholly included.  We are inevitably in intimate relationship with all and everything within the Cosmos. Even if we do not consider this in our day-to-day life, our day-to-day life is proceeding within the Cosmos; within the potential for humanity to become a Conscious Cosmoholistic Communion.

We naturally refer to our nearby relationships and environments. Even though we also more and more in the modern Western civilization and the growing globalisation, via Internet and other media are aware of remote environments both in time and space, we do not naturally in our day to day life consider our roles or relationships within the wholeness of Cosmos. A Cosmoholistic approach to life implies to consciously embrace to be as intimate connected to the whole Cosmos and The Creator as to any other intimate relationship or environment… 

Cosmoholistic Education and Inspiration for the next generations… Cosmoholistic Education embraces a complete and inclusive life approach; it addresses the potential of a Conscious Life that, out of the very nature of Cosmos and its Source/Creator/Impulse, lies dormant within every human being. Without finding and living our lives from our innermost true nature we will get lost… centered within we can reach out and creatively expand in unity with all life… an amazing  potential we have by being incarnated in a human body on Earth within the Cosmic Universe…

“There is nothing wrong with seeking fulfillment in the outer world, but it is wise to see that true fullfillment can be found only in one’s innermost being. [… ] Is it not a miracle that all a living forms, including us, have emerged from formlessness?  What is the nature of that formless essence… [… ] It would be foolish not to be amazed by the sheer miracle of our existence. Strangely, the more frequently and intensively we feel the miracle, the closer we come to the answers.” Quotations from the book “Stop sleep walking through life, by Devdas Menon (Professor, IIT Madras)

Communication by words is fundamental, but without listening there will never be any Cosmoholism. This website and many other websites as well, and most of education, storytelling, sharing etc. are very much communication by words,words,words… As we human beings can use words, it is of vital importance to understand that using words have no value without also real listening being present

The following quote from Osho’s discourses Tantra The Supreme Understanding is a very useful contemplation: A word is just a trick, a device. The real thing follows the words like a shadow. And if you are too much of the mind, you will listen to the words, then it cannot be communicated. But if you are not a mind at all, then the subtle shadows that follow the words, very subtle, only the heart can see them, invisible shadows, invisible ripples of consciousness, ”vibes”… then communion is immediately possible.

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