Related or synchronized contexts

Ancient cultures

Many old cultures embrace life and nature from a mystical as well as a cosmic perspective. One example is the Andean Cosmo Vision that you can read about on Bolivia Cultura and Salkawind.

Science and philosophy contexts

An important Canadian progressive psychiatrist the late nineteenth century (1837–1902), Richard Maurice Buckehypothesizes that the next stage of human mental development, which he named “Cosmic Consciousness”, is slowly beginning to appear but will eventually spread widely throughout all of humanity. The magnum opus of Bucke’s career was a book that he researched and wrote over many years titled Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind a classic in the modern study of mystical experience. Bucke defined Cosmic Consciousness to be a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man and a consciousness of the cosmos… of the life and order in the universe.  

Kosmos Goals: Encourage inquiry into shaping a planetary civilization attuned to nature and aligned with Kosmos…  

Scientist Dr. Kontantin Korotkov who you can also see on Youtube

Theoretical quant-physicist Amit Goswami Ph.D  See also an interview 

Dr Henryk Skolimowski, the founder of Eco-Philosophy                                                                                                         Eco-Philosophy in an Historical Perspective (Article from 2008)

Sven Grahn in the Swedish Television Program ( about space science in Sept 2011, the former director of the Swedish Space Company (Svenska Rymdbolaget) Sven Grahn ( ends with the following saying (freely translated from Swedish): “The Universe has now developed itself so far, that the Universe can observe itself through us. We are a part of the Universe and we can assist the Universe in observing itself. Then we are obliged to do so, to find out as much as we can. This I call the The Cosmic Imperative. There is a kind of morale obligation towards The Universe, which has created us to explore it.”