Co-Creative Intimacy

The Earth and the whole Cosmic Universe are by the Divine Cosmic Law naturally in Cosmic Intimacy, or in Co-Creative Intimacy; intimacy with the Divinity or the Creator or whatever we call the Cause or Source of Life.

The Mysterious Intelligence and Creativity that makes the Earth, life on Earth and the Cosmic Universe exist, seems to be a kind of mechanic, organic and biologic Cosmic Intimacy; Intimate Cosmic Co-Creation. Human beings create off-springs without any special skills as in all other biological life, even though we humans can influence when and where to fertilize and how to up-bring our off-springs. Our bodies though are functioning naturally within the mechanic, organic and biologic Cosmic nature. But…

… we humans obviously also have another outstanding intelligent creative potential. From what is by nature being created, we human beings can like prolonged arms of The Creator create and co-create what is not directly by nature created. Human creativity can even in many cases miraculously uphold and repair body functions when needed. We human beings can very much choose for what, where and how to use our outstanding potential creativity.

There seem to be something important missing though, something that too often makes us humans create and co-create in ways that is not in alignment with surviving and caring for humanity as oneness of value. Co-Creative Intimacy amongst human beings can only happen when each individual is creative whilst in conscious alliance with his or her inner Divine core, one’s mystic nature. That means that the inner and outer are consciously connected and fully valued both individually and socially.

Without humanity uniting in Co-Creative Intimacy with the Divine core of life, we human beings are a threat to our own very existence. Without such intimacy we co-create or rather split-create disaster to our own as well as other species on Earth. Planet Earth is beyond human influence naturally in Cosmic Intimacy; in Co-Creative Intimacy with the Source of the Cosmos. But life on Earth is naturally also dependent on that we humans as well synchronize in Co-Creative Intimacy with the Source of the Cosmos.

The more of Co-Creative Intimacy with the Divine core of life we human beings can consciously live, the better the life on Earth for all. The more of individuals and groups amongst us human beings in such awakened Co-Creative Intimacy with the Divine core of life, the more of Co-Creative Intimacy with the planet and on the planet. Such individuals and groups are as well naturally in Co-Creative Intimacy with each other, even if within different fields in life, and even if physically separated by time or place.

All creativity in my own life that emerges whilst consciously connected to the Divine core of life within or from The Real Me, happens in Co-Creative Intimacy with all human creativity that also emerge whilst consciously connected to the Divine core of life. To be aware of this in daily life within the turmoiled human life on Planet Earth, nurtures and supports all Co-Creative Intimacy that is happening, may it be by individuals or small or big groups. I am grateful to all human beings who make it possible to be joined in conscious Co-Creative Intimacy, which actually is  conscious Cosmic Intimacy equal Existential Intimacy, which will naturally generate Existential Welfare. For this we humans do need each other. Joined in Co-Creative Intimacy, or whatever name we give such a state of synchronized awareness and no matter where in the world we live, we are the ones we have been waiting for… the ones our children, grandchildren and grandgrandchildren can trust…