Cosmic Philosophy

Since I wrote the philosophical essay “Can we be anything but Cosmic Beings” as a “cosmic philosopher”, I have turned to see myself as a “Cosmoholistic Philosophia”! To use words from my deepest inner is part of my philosophy. I am incarnated in a female body, so why addressing me a philosopher when there is such a beautiful word as Philosophia? My cosmic philosophy is a Cosmoholistic Philosophy and is embraced  in what I today call Cosmoholism.


Can we be anything but Cosmic Beings?

We live in a society where we look at everything as being outside us. But who are we and in which context are we?

Can we be other than part of all that we see; are we actually not just within it, together with everyone else and everything else that also is within it! What is our true relationship to all and everything we are a part of by living on Earth in the Cosmic Universe? Taking these reflections into sincere consideration in education, politics, enterprising and in day-to-day life… constantly… would most likely mould our lives as humanity very different than toady’s living. To the extent that such conscious reflections are not awake, we are sleeping. They have to awake if we want a conscious reflecting and co-creative humankind.

Humankind is we human beings; souls, spirits or just Divinity incarnated in human bodies on Earth within the Cosmic Universe; Cosmic Beings! The potential is always there to expand ones consciousness, experiencing the awe of life and re-enchant the world!

Introduction to Cosmoholism – Cosmic Philosophy, essay by Bi-Ma Andén:

Can we be anything but Cosmic Beings_/ short version



Henryk Skolimowski was The Cosmic Philosopher and Mystic who first recognized and addreessed the cosmic philosopher in me. “Cosmic philosophers” are needed in society and within all educational fields, for upholding an open entrance and support for the innermost being and a Cosmoholistic creative approach in society life .

“We are the ambers of the energy of the Universe – shining particles of the light of the Cosmos. Because the Universe is us, it is realising itself through us. We are rediscovering Light, while Light is rediscovering itself through us. […]  To truly know our cosmic nature, we have to excavate our cosmic origin. We should not be afraid of our cosmic roots. We are after all cosmic beings.” Quotations from the book: Let There Be Light – the Mysterious Journey of Cosmic Creativity, by Henryk Skolimowski (professor emeritus and founder of Eco-Philosophy)

“When time began, for an unknown reason, something came from nothing. Suddenly, an impulse emerged—the impulse to become, to create, to evolve. One could call it the God impulse. This urge to take form gradually became the whole universe, eventually including you and me as we are right now. [… ] The movement of the authentic self in each and every one of us is not other than the one evolutionary impulse that is driving the engine of creation.Quotations from The Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings of Andrew Cohen