About me

My body was conceived during a beautiful summer day in a beautiful forest in Sweden and was born in April 1946. When I reflect about my life, my life story seems like a fairytale, very magical but also arduous, which might be very worthwhile to share. This presentation though is from the angle of my spiritual inner call, the mystical core in me.

I intentionally address the mystic to be or become consciously awake within every human being, for us to unite and co-create the genuine cosmoholistic life on Earth we ought to give our children our grandchildren our grand-grandchildren our grand-grand-grandchildren…

A Native Mystic…  (Native: from the very birth; Mystic: an innate spiritual connection beneath what is observable by the ordinary senses).

I have recognized myself being a native mystic. Fortunately I have come to realize, acknowledge and comprehend this phenomenon. I imagine that there are many native mystics amongst humans, who like me had or have lots of difficulties in the ordinary western society that do not count on such a nature. I assume that all newborns are native mystics but mostly forget or lose their mystical connection when not cultivated within their social environment. My experience is that the mystical connection strengthens, restores or awakes when in contact with mystics or their messages. I surmise that mystics and their messages from all cultures, ancient as well as present are at the heart of human evolution.

Never before have there been available a synchronized  “mystics coming together and being available” as through the internet-portal. To me all human beings are potential conscious mystics. I am sure that anyone at some moment suddenly can experience a beyond ordinary senses Divine or Cosmic connection and that it is the ultimate quantumized state of the entire humanity.

A résumé about my life from my own inner spiritual point of view

My life ever since childhood has been an adventurous inner journey into the most magical and miraculous experiences as well as into many deep experiences of  “the dark night of the soul”. For many years I felt very lonely in this materialistic oriented and compart-mentalized culture I am born and educated in.

How to be an authentic social human being who is at genuine service, seemed more and more confusing  the more I understood of the complexity of the modern civilization and the more i realized that

  • we human beings are completely dependent on Mother Earth and each other
  • we in the present modern human society are not educated to live in coherence with the Cosmic laws of nature
  • within human life there is real and potential extreme sufferings parallel with real and potential extreme intelligence and creativity
  • I am unavoidable part of humanity and the influence of the development of our global culture

My inner connection in times of relax and solitude was the only place where I could find real peace and experience the magic of human life, that gave me motivation to socialize in many creative ways, even though I could not feel at home in the modern western lifestyle. Also when I seemed to fit in I mostly experienced that I was going against the stream.

From an inner unlimited urge and inner guiding I gracefully during my life came across different circumstances; contexts, scriptures, mystics or extraordinary human beings and ventures that nurtured and connected with my native mystic state or spiritual qualities and dimensions. I was though questioning my inner guiding and in many ways denied myself due respect, until I was able to fully recognize and fully acknowledge the native mystic in me that fortunately never gave up…

At the age of 20 I received some inner messages;

  • that I would get all answers during my life;
  • that there was something important I should remember;
  • that I should write something of profound importance in a language that should address various kinds of people, but I had to wait with this writing until after I was over 50 as there were crucial life experiences I had to go through first;
  • that I was incarnated on Earth to be part of a very important change within humanity.

Intuitively I felt the relevance in theses messages, as some very profound mystical experiences in my childhood and teens had prepared something within me. Intuitively I also perceived a contact with what I should remember but it was definitely not clear, rather hidden in some kind of white light that I could not see through. (Today I understand that this white light was what I should remember). From deep within I made a commitment to trust these messages even though I could not grasp what it all really meant.

It has taken me 45 years of extraordinary engagements and incredible but also extreme hard inner work, learnings and amazing revealing insights to realize the profoundness of these received inner messages, a profoundness unimaginable for me at that time in my early 20th. Today I know that I share with many human sisters and brothers having such or similar experiences, even though our life stories may be very different. What is clear to me today is that I am for sure in the phase of consciously being part of a huge transformational change within humanity…

Life circumstances have taught me that;

  • Life on Earth is full of unpredicted unavoidable arduous challenges as well as incredible opportunities
  • I cannot escape my own life
  • My life influences the lives of others…

As a western woman in the multicultural, and in so many ways challenging and difficult times of today’s world, I accept being one of hopefully countless pioneers breaking new grounds for a quantum leap into a “new age” paradigm life.

“New age” is often referred to as something dopey, but we cannot deny being in a paradigm shift into a complete new age for humanity on Planet Earth. Whatever we call it, it is entering into our lives in a velocity and intensity that needs profound ways for us Human Beings to be healed from such as unconsciousness, ignorance and arrogance and give birth to what I would call our “cosmoholistic potentials”.

Are we humans honestly inviting our entirely Cosmic Holistic Human Consciousness and Potentials to awake and blossom?… In my depth there is a YES I do invite…  and I chose to believe that this is the time for humanity to intimately co-create and share… to meet challenges and changes together and really learn and give birth to a cosmoholistic conscious and synchronized humanity, a genuine cosmoholistic worldview and genuine existential welfare.

In my present human incarnation, I acknowledge myself 

  • to be a native mystic/yogini/tantrica and a cosmoholist while also allowing myself to deeply experience myself being a human being and a woman and now also an elder
  • to have an inner urge and willingness to reveal, meet and transcend my blind spots and dark places, ignorance, arrogance and other shortcomings
  • to be dedicated in my human progress-process to overcome stagnating ignorance and stay connected to the Inner Light we all are, with the intention to be a cosmoholistic conscious and earthly grounded intimate co-creator within all kinds of relationships…  where we consciously evolve in the direction of existential welfare for all beings
  • to have the inner call and potential capacity of being a channel or instrument for sharing and for Co-Cretive Intimacy.

Individual authenticity and resilient social growth

Can I ever deny that the center in my life is me, no matter how holistic or altruistic I manage to live my life? Even if I hold The Divine, The Creator or the Supreme Light to be the center of my life, is it still not me united with this human body I am operating, that is the very center in my life on Earth? To the extent I consent to and respect that so it is, will I be able to also respect and validate you being the center in your life?  I will say that only then mutual genuine empathy and love can flow.  Many of us might be so accustomed to somehow be treated as gadgets in the modern segregated industrial and scientific society, so that we are not used to consciously being aware of our real Selves.

I will claim that we have the potential to authentically and intimate relate, communicate and co-create, when based on mutual sheer realization that you are the very center in your life and I am the very center in my life. A profound realization and awakening to this outlook, might be the very Gordian Knot that opens a new door to an authentic united and empathetic humanity; a humanity based on complete listening to our deepest Selves in ourselves and in each other, as well as our Mother Earth, our Cosmic Universe and The Ultimate Uniting Divine Light. 

We are all Divine Sparks of the same Source magically incarnated into Cosmos, into Mother Earth and into operating our human bodies and manifesting the society we live in…

I welcome you into my life; for us to join in authenticity and such Co-Creative Intimacy that quantum leaps into and fosters a genuine cosmoholistic conscious and resilient human society or a mystical society or whatever we may call it…

Love and light